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soulmates au meme

or anyone here

I. type of soulmate
01. the one with the clock that counts down the time until you meet your soulmate
02. the one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate (so you don’t know them until you see them), and it goes away when they die
03. the one where you don’y know your soulmate until you hear them speak, or hear them speak a certain word; your name, for example
04. the one where you don’t know your soulmate until you touch them
05. the one where you get the name of the person in their handwriting on your body somewhere at a certain age, or just in script in your native language or THEIR native language
06. the one where the first thing they say to you appears instead
07. the one where you get each others’ fingerprints
08. the one where you get matching marks/symbols/tattoos
09. the one where when you sleep you dream of whatever they’re experiencing from their point of view until you find them, or AFTER you find them
10. the one where you can straight up talk to them in dreams until/after you find them
11. the one where the closer you are to them the more aware of them you become, and you find them playing a hot/cold game; for instance, colors get brighter and brighter the closer you are and fade into gray when they’re too far away
12. the one where once you turn a certain age/one night a year you swap bodies with them for one night and you have a limited amount of time to leave/collect clues to their identity
13. the one where being next to your soulmate can heal you from things people don’t normally heal from
the one where only your soulmate can kill you (can you still be killed by age/disease? who knows!)
14. the one where reincarnation is also a thing and meeting your soulmate either unlocks or erases memories or your past lives until the next one
15. the one where instead of your soulmates first words to you written on your skin it’s their last words you ever hear them say so you don’t know who your soulmate is until you lose them
16. make something up idc

II. relationship
02. soulmate/together. yep. here we are. here you are, and here i am, and here are our names on each other's arms (or whatever).
02. soulmate/firsts. you've never dated anyone else before. what would have been the point? and now you're moving in, you're getting married - why wait? you're soulmates, aren't you? what could go wrong?
03. other/alone. your soulmate died. your soulmate never showed up. your soulmate never existed. or your soulmate refused you.
04. soulmate/various. you're soulmates with person a who's soulmates with person b who's soulmates with you. what now? you could be screwed - or maybe you're meant to be in a polyamorous relationship.
05. not soulmates. but you're in love anyway, that sucks.
06. make something up

III. scenario
01. investigation. so there's this name, and you've plugged it into google, and the only match you can find is some asshole's facebook account. he looks like a real jerk. or maybe you got nothing, and you hired a private investigation firm that specializes in this kind of thing. Now you have an email address, or phone number, or a home address, and what's next is to pick up the phone, write that letter, knock on that door. or any of the other ways to investigate for alternate soul mates...hot and cold or high-fiving everyone you meet?
02. reveal. you've just timed out, or you can see in color, etc. hope it didn't happen in a crowd if you can't match it. or hey, here's your soulmate revealed through x means what now.
03. getting together. you're in the early stages. dating, maybe. getting to know each other. moving in, under the watchful eyes of other friends, happy and soulmated and eager to have their view of the world confirmed in you. but do you even really know this person? What makes you so suited, anyway?
04. fuck your soulmate has someone else as a soulmate or has no soulmate at all, deal with that.
05. soulmate death etc
06. make stuff up
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