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[ no matter where you're from in the pokeworld, eventually you go on a journey. it's kind of a typical life thing. the age varies - ten is typical, but it's not completely unheard of to be a little older - and sometimes so do the details of the journey, but it is accepted and common that you go. the world is a dangerous place but kids are regularly expected to be able to handle it.

roxy lalonde is from lumiose city in kalos. so is dirk strider, her cousin-brother-best friend to some degree. she's known him since she was a kid, because her mom and dave strider are maybe related (she's not sure, they look it, but - ) or maybe just best friends but effectively have kept close enough that dirk was always there in roxy's life to bother, be it about codes or pokemon or random gossip. it was a Foregone Conclusion that they would obviously leave on their journey together whenever it happened, which is, of course, Now.

typically they could travel the kalos region and do badges there. failing that they could skip to kanto or johto or hoenn or a million and one other places. before turning thirteen they'd spent some pretty intense summer planning sessions about where they'd go and how and kalos, while the Home Region, was kind of not the best place for a coming-of-age journey. they'd seen a lot of the place by the time they were older tagging along with their guardians, and also? their guardians were kind of Huge Gym Leaders in kalos and while that was super cool it was a lot to live up to and it sounded even more cool to get a chance to make a splash, like, somewhere else.

kanto was a top runner because PROFESSOR FUCKING OAK and even more importantly the original developer of the pokemon storage system? but, like. dirk wasn't a huge fan of the league setup and they had their entire teen years to dick around from region to region, so after debating it they eventually settled on alola as their pokemon debut. which was exactly how roxy put it, always. alola does have the downside of No Pokemon Fashion Shows (lame) but roxy has secured their 2nd region as hoenn where contests are huge, so she's chill with an island vacay for their first thing.

with tickets on the boat paid for by their guardians who were Themselves and gave strict instructions to not, like, die. and also to phone home a lot? roxy is bouncing in place at the railing of the ship as the first island comes into view, her skitty hopping up and down like her after a second before roxy grabs dirk's arm to...make him join her in the hopping. or just to have his arm jostle up and down, as you do. ]

We're nearly theeeeeeeere! Holy shit where are we gonna go first? I know, I know what order we're hittin' towns in but there are stores Dirk, I see them from here. Stores with CLOTHES. And cool TMs. And maybe some cool HMs? I hear those work different in this region than other ones - ooooh, and we have to try the malasadas. But before or after the shopping?? These are the real hard-hitting decisions of our very own Pokedventure, bromodachi, we have to make the absolute right choice here!

[ technically they should maybe go meet the island professor rose hooked them up with like introductions to but. BUT. shopping and snacks and being on their own for real for the first time in thirteen years? bounce around a little dirk you killjoy, because roxy has definitely not stopped that. ]

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