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call me out 2.0

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

or anyone listed here.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.
some of my favorite memes: Soulmate Fuckup, Random Scenario, Highschool AU (romantic or otherwise), TFLN, The floor is lava, Stuck in the Rain, Minor Injury, Sweet Dreams, Pillow Fort, Not Just a Robot, Pokemon AU, Hogwarts AU (just about any canon au), Stuck Together

meme code.

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[ hasn't been called out for random shit lately THE ROBOT ONE IS NEW WHAT ABOUT THAT ]
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mix up

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[ teddy and vic swap places with anakin/tahiri or thorne/cress or isaac/yli or any other weird pairing OR MIX ALL FOUR IN A JAR AND SEE WHO ENDS UP WHERE ]
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[ In one universe, Corrin chooses to remain with her birth family. Selkie's father joins Corrin's army, and eventually they defeat Nohr. In another, Corrin chooses to return to Nohr, and with Velouria's father in her army's ranks, they conquer Hoshido. In a third universe, Corrin refuses to choose, and eventually the two armies mix and bring about peace. In that universe, Selkie and Velouria meet on even terms, and become friends. In that universe, the words on Velouria's wrist are Velouria! Velouria! Velouria? How did you not hear me calling you?! In that world, the words that dart down Selkie's collarbone are I did hear you. I chose not to answer.

In this world, however, Hoshido and Nohr are not at peace. Corrin is not fighting for that eventual end. Velouria has grown up with the words My bite is WORSE than my bark! wrapped around her throat.

She doesn't know what to think of them, growing up in her Deeprealms. They belong to her soulmate, the first that person will ever speak to her, and she assumes they are wolfskin. She assumes they're from Nohr, that someday they'll fight together -

She doesn't forsee this. On the battlefield, Hoshido and Nohr's armies clashing, and a kitsune girl with a feral grin says her words as the other girl grips a beaststone, preparing to change.

Velouria feels like the air has gone out of her chest. It's gone out of the whole world. ]

Not you, [ She says, starting to speak the words written over Selkie's left hip. ] it can't be you.

[ Would fate really be so cruel?

Of course. ]
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[ Not you, it can't be you. Those don't exactly seem like promising words for a first meeting with her soulmate, but Selkie chooses to see them in a positive light. Perhaps they will be said as her soulmate realizes how pretty she is? Or in the midst of a fun game?

Whatever the scene, she didn't exactly picture a fight like this. She didn't picture a Nohrian wolfskin girl with a cloak of blood saying her words, after Selkie threatens them.

Selkie pauses, for a split second. Then her grin broadens, and she pounces. ]

What a fun game this will be!
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[ They're terrible words, truly, and after she says them Velouria thinks oh and imagines what it might be like to grow up with words rejecting the bond that's meant to last forever. The one person meant to love you no matter what. Velouria knows that sometimes those bonds are broken, that sometimes things go wrong, but she had never been so cynical as to assume it of her own bond.

But how else could this end? Velouria yelps, gripping her own beaststone in her right hand, fingers white from the strength of her hold. ]

I won't go easy on you! [ Is this an attack? Or something else? ]
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[ It might be a little bit of both.

Selkie laughs, throwing herself at Velouria. ]

Watch out, I play rough!

[ If the battle wasn't already a game, it surely is now! ]
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[ Ugh!!! UGH!!! Velouria flips Selkie over her shoulder, rolling away herself and coming up onto her feet. ]

I can handle that...I'm going to take you down!

[ And do...what? ]
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[ Yay!!! YAY!!! Selkie laughs, bouncing back up after being flipped. Her soulmate knows how to play, this is good news. ]

Then we'll just have to do best two out of three! But only if I don't take you down first~!

[ Leaps to tackle her. ]
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dave / hogwarts au

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[ Truly everyone's least favorite twins at Hogwarts, sixth years Dave and Rose-- a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin, respectively.

Neither are new to the desolation of detention, but this time it was not because of Rose scaring first years with tales of the dark, twisted things that lurked in the lake/forest/under their bed as a casual conversation topic, or being caught reading porn under her desk, or even for knitting covers over paintings she doesn't like. No, no this was 100% Dave's fault. Sheer Strider fuckery.

She makes a point of sitting clear on the other side of the classroom, far from him and his awful self. ]
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DAVEAPPLE SOULMATE NONSENSE bc you almost inspired me

[personal profile] spelltastic 2016-05-16 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
[ gives u options but I can put in an effort on a scenario for once if thine so desire:
1) name on wrist nonsense (what kind of prince name is dave strider???)
2) or pictographs (have an apple on ur wherever dave, it suits u)
3) actually you know this meme better than me why am I even giving you options u know all the options
4) with what ever au. homestucks as exchange students?? general high school au??? idk ]
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[ yo your cress/thorne soulmates one was the best but hmmmmm 2??? or you can literally google soulmate aus and pick the silliest one always :|a ]
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[ The soulmate tattoos are just as natural to fairytale kids as their destinies. Everyone has one, no one's too shy about trying to find their destined prince/princess/pig/frog/etc once they hit high school age. It led Ashlynn to Hunter, it led Dexter to Raven. It led Apple to... no where.

Surprisingly, a record wasn't the kind of symbol that you found on a normal fairy tale teen. Whoever the record (and she always had to explain what it was because no one except dj nerd Melody Piper had any clue, even Apple didn't know for years herself) belonged to was her destiny, the person who was supposed to wake her when she was poisoned to eternal slumber not to be confused by being pricked to eternal slumber like Briar, but how was she supposed to find them? After a couple years at Ever After High and no luck, she'd given up on finding them. Surely whenever Raven sucked it up and poisoned her, record person would find her?

Then again, maybe they wouldn't. It was possible they were in another land, and who knew if people in other lands had soulmate tattoos? The Wonderland kids certainly seemed to be frustratingly mum on the issue, refusing to answer unless it was Maddie in useless riddles. Maybe there was someone out there with an apple tattoo, maybe there wasn't. At Raven's aggressive pep-talking about how Destiny Didn't Matter, Apple shelved the issue for a while.

She's not even thinking of it when she goes to greet the new exchange students. They're from-- well, she's not actually sure? Skaia High? Headmaster Grimm seemed to have no idea, which made Apple wonder briefly exactly how students were admitted to the school. Alistair and Bunny, even Darling, just seemed to suddenly be students-- not to mention the "Mira Shards" disaster.

Besides, it's rude to ask about someone's soulmate tattoo. Most people are open about it, but Apple learned the hard way when she asked Professor Bad Wolf that oh god don't ask don't ask. That has never been an option for Apple, the odd record symbol is right on her collarbone, only barely obscured by her blouse.

Smoothing her skirt, she smiles brightly for the transfer students. ]
Welcome to Ever After High! I'm the co-class president, Apple White. [ She dips a curtsy, out of politeness. She heard something about these students being... heroes? nobles?? one is a Prince, apparently. ] Please, let me give you a tour of the school. I just know you'll all love it here.
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[ I guess this could have gone on the baccano call out but SHIJIMA or kotoko would also be Interesting.

oh my god imagine if u combined baccano and dangan ronpa bc they could both plausibly be in the same universe since the latest baccano books are early 00s and dr is like what 2011 ]
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ANNABETH, soulmate au

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[ i mean technically this was your idea ]
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ELISE, soulmate au

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[ bc what the fuck we haven't yet? ]
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ELISE, idk

[personal profile] vantaged 2016-09-02 08:35 am (UTC)(link)
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THALIA recolle au lets see if i can pull off the wise girl

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[ how do people come up with random scenarios. the random scenario wheel spinning didn't even assist.

it's a typical afternoon in cabin eleven, not long after it's grand reopening by luke. the fact that luke owns the place now probably means a certain two girls will be there even more, because what would luke castellan do without them? ... besides become a villain and try to kill teens, which is clearly not relevant here.

annabeth has a pile of homework next to her on the bar (ap english and calculus, neither of which she's worried about in the least), ignored in favor of studying and editing the program of events luke has planned, which I'm making up, just for this thread, fight me, ty never needs to know, ]

We can't let him have karaoke and half-price drinks on the same night. That'd be too painful for anyone to listen to. Even if they're drunk.

[ she says, even though she'll kick herself out every day when the alcohol starts pouring, probably? or at least soon after. she's a Good Girl. ]

... He needs more trivia nights, too. And themes for them. Movie trivia, history trivia, sports trivia-- etc. [ she's literally just musing aloud to thalia and any other patrons as she crosses out and rewrites a flyer for the bar. someone stop her before she tries to run the place herself. ]
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VICTOIRE yes this was necessary

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[ may 2nd 2017. the 19th anniversary of the battle of hogwarts, and more importantly victoire weasley's 17th birthday. teddy knew which he would rather commemorate.

problem is, it's hard to harass one's best friend on their birthday when they're at hogwarts. but not impossible, if you bend a rule or five.

step one was to go to hogsmeade. step two was get onto the hogwarts grounds without someone kicking his ass. that was the hard part, but not as hard for a determined metamorphmagus. step three was to make one's way up to the gryffindor tower, and gain entry.

honestly, it could have been harder. but heck, even sirius black had managed it, albeit back in 1993, so teddy found the challenge worryingly easy. someone should really work on the security at hogwarts, what the fuck.

then it was merely a matter of waiting in the gryffindor common room, at the bottom of the girls' dormitory stairs, with a sheet cake with HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTOIRE in bright tomato-colored icing. he would have rather posed on her bed, presenting the cake and scaring the ever-loving crap out of her when she pulled back the curtains at bedtime or something, but this would have to do.

sooo, good morning gryffindor house?

megan this is all so implausible I DON'T CARE ]