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thalia grace ([personal profile] aegist) wrote in [community profile] lucybox2016-10-23 02:50 am

this is a terrible voicetesting option but #yolo

[ the compound is located under a dome. there's grassy fields and woodland and even a desert under the dome, too, with scattered buildings, but they all stay in the compound...mostly. there are things beyond the other "contestants" that can kill them in the wilds. it's the usual murder game scenario. there's a host, there's motives, and there are contestants. there are many people with many personalities and they don't get on always but whatever. some of them, like thalia, argue that they will never kill, no matter the motive. this tides her over through offers of power, through promises to change the past, through the ability to save any one person from death and bring them back (she does not look at luke). luke, the complete idiot (thalia's words), probably has argued that everyone will kill, given the proper motive. if not publicly, at least in private. but thalia has always been prideful and while she has also always been aggressive and willing to fight, she sees herself as a hero. she's a demigod, the lieutenant of artemis, a huntress. she will not bow to the whims of some idiotic game.

then it's the sixth week and they're called to the main courtyard of the compound and the holoscreens give this week's motives: hostages. kill or yours dies.

there's a boy with electric blue eyes and a scar on his lip from when he'd tried to eat a stapler when he was a baby. there's annabeth chase, looking mad as anything. and thalia grace whirls on her heel and stalks off, her bow appearing on her back as she leaves the compound entirely in a rage.

it's not like it's an uncommon reaction to motives. people always get mad. thalia especially always gets mad, and often loud. and while she's probably found herself talking to luke eventually more often than not, she's never found herself outside his assigned room's door before, about to prove him right in the worst way possible.

because it's thalia, she just. hammers on the door until it opens after she finally gets back from her stress-related hunt, and she glares at him whenever he bothers to open the door to find the one person from home on the other side. ]

We need to talk. [ it's not a question and if he doesn't step aside she will elbow him in the gut and let herself into his room. this is fine she's fine she's just gonna prowl around the place like a caged tiger it's chill. ]

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