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this is a terrible voicetesting option but #yolo

[ the compound is located under a dome. there's grassy fields and woodland and even a desert under the dome, too, with scattered buildings, but they all stay in the compound...mostly. there are things beyond the other "contestants" that can kill them in the wilds. it's the usual murder game scenario. there's a host, there's motives, and there are contestants. there are many people with many personalities and they don't get on always but whatever. some of them, like thalia, argue that they will never kill, no matter the motive. this tides her over through offers of power, through promises to change the past, through the ability to save any one person from death and bring them back (she does not look at luke). luke, the complete idiot (thalia's words), probably has argued that everyone will kill, given the proper motive. if not publicly, at least in private. but thalia has always been prideful and while she has also always been aggressive and willing to fight, she sees herself as a hero. she's a demigod, the lieutenant of artemis, a huntress. she will not bow to the whims of some idiotic game.

then it's the sixth week and they're called to the main courtyard of the compound and the holoscreens give this week's motives: hostages. kill or yours dies.

there's a boy with electric blue eyes and a scar on his lip from when he'd tried to eat a stapler when he was a baby. there's annabeth chase, looking mad as anything. and thalia grace whirls on her heel and stalks off, her bow appearing on her back as she leaves the compound entirely in a rage.

it's not like it's an uncommon reaction to motives. people always get mad. thalia especially always gets mad, and often loud. and while she's probably found herself talking to luke eventually more often than not, she's never found herself outside his assigned room's door before, about to prove him right in the worst way possible.

because it's thalia, she just. hammers on the door until it opens after she finally gets back from her stress-related hunt, and she glares at him whenever he bothers to open the door to find the one person from home on the other side. ]

We need to talk. [ it's not a question and if he doesn't step aside she will elbow him in the gut and let herself into his room. this is fine she's fine she's just gonna prowl around the place like a caged tiger it's chill. ]
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[When he had first woken up in the compound six weeks ago, Luke Castellan was Angry. He was angry he was pulled away from his mission, angry he was pulled here without his consent just like the gods have chosen people like him for things, and angry moreso that this place was a lie to him. He'd woken up and found he wasn't the only one from home. Thalia was here. Thalia who used to be his best friend, Thalia who he'd watched sacrifice herself, Thalia who he wasn't sure how to react to anymore, but they were different people now. She was a huntress and he still served under Kronos.

Here though...sometimes they worked together to talk about what was going on in the game and how to survive. Luke made it his business to try and talk to people, figure out their motivations and pinpoint who the murderers were. In a way it was a good exercise in what not to do. Not many of the motives swayed him, fully believing that once he won Kronos would reward him with something greater.

Then week six came. Annabeth's face on the screen is enough for a lead weight to sink into his stomach. He sees Thalia's harsh reaction and his eyebrows raise as he turns his head and watches her stalk off into the woods. He doesn't know who this boy is, idly wondering if he's someone from a life before. He doesn't think to ask. Thalia's business is Thalia's business and when they're dismissed he immediately goes back to his room even with Backbiter strapped to him.

It's a while later that he hears the knock and it surprises him enough to furrow his eyebrows together as he gets up. He opens the door a crack, opening it wider upon seeing her on the other side and his expression's blank as he moves to let her in. He's not afraid of her. She's scary and powerful and could kill him if she wanted to, but he isn't afraid of her. In fact he's just settling on his bed again as she paces around.]

This doesn't really look like talking. [Maybe now isn't the time to be a smartass.]
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[It should say a lot that he doesn't bother looking scandalized or even try to deny that he's been trying to think of a plan. Annabeth had been up there, and stupidly, he had sort of assumed that maybe everything was wrong and Annabeth was for both of them and their overseers had made a mistake.

But Thalia says "two." He appraises her quietly with a lifted brow, knowing better than to say "I told you so" but not enough not to smirk slightly. This is a Thalia he's familiar with, one who wants to listen to his ideas and one who's ready to take action. He's under no illusion it'll be the way it was, but this is something he knows how to sort of handle.]

A few, depending how much time we want to waste setting things up. [But he lays on his back then and folds his hands behind his head. He's trying to pretend he's casual, but if anyone can recognize the nervous uptick of his voice it would be her.] Two though? Feeling a little more ambitious than usual? [He wants an explanation who the boy is, mostly. It's puzzling.]
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[He's quick enough to dodge for once but probably only because he's grown used to Thalia punching him daily? Maybe twice a day at this rate. He isn't sure he's in the clear but he does watch her for a moment with the patience that comes from someone with time on their hands.

The explanation comes and he raises both eyebrows in surprise. The words "you never told me you had a brother" are on the tip of his tongue but he knows now isn't the time for that, either. He knows Thalia never liked to talk about her life back in Los Angeles before the two of them met. If Thalia had a brother though, where had he been this whole time? Those are a lot of questions but he knows he has to bide his time.

So. He nods along.]
Fine. All of my plans were really keeping one murder in mind, but I'm flexible. The thing I've learned about this place is that everyone else is going to take their time strategizing and figuring out how to best execute a plan. If we strike tonight or tomorrow, we're ahead of the game.

The thing about it is we have to make sure we can frame somebody else. That's always what a good plan boils down to. [I mean. He framed Percy for a lot of things so...] The other thing about it is...people know you and I aren't stupid. They would have higher expectations of us, wouldn't you think? So the other key is to plan a murder that looks so obvious it trips everyone else up in terms of solving it. Preferably with people that have tension with other people. [There's a pause.] For example, if it were someone else working on this plan they could kill either you or me and frame us for it. Think about that.
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[There's too much bullshit that comes with being a demigod, they both know it. He gives her a look though when she starts to protest. He doesn't think to verbalize it because the last thing they need is to actually fight right now. Working together is the only way this plan will work. (But he's still not convinced entirely.)]

Right. To both of those, I guess. You can even punch me in front of more people this week to really sell it. Anyway doesn't Draco have mommy issues or whatever? I could absolutely buy that he'd kill someone he despises to save her, kind of like I'd buy Harry would act on the defense and maybe accidentally kill Draco, too. That takes care of our who. [He sits up again and he cups his chin in his hand in thought.]

Killing people with your arrows or Backbiter is too obvious. You're a Hunter now. [Though the way its said expresses a little distain with the matter.] Do they teach you how to identify plants and stuff in the wilderness better than Camp did?
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[Unless she really wanted a fight of the century, it was best she didn't bring up that it was Luke's fault, if only because he'd then argue it's actually the fault of a stupid prophecy he didn't ask for. It's all very complicated business. He doesn't have warm and fuzzy feelings about either god, but he can consent to that knowledge.]

Yeah. Draco's supposedly good with poisons anyway, says so on his profile card. It'd have to be someone who isn't naturally suspicious of stuff like that. Someone who's never been that far on the outside. [Spinning the YA wheel again, he's racking his brain.] Could kill that Newt kid. He's lived inside a compound his whole life, he might not even know the difference before his insides are corroding. Or we go younger but. [He gives her a curious look. He's not sure how Thalia feels about murdering kids?] It should be someone Draco doesn't spend enough time with that he could consider expendable, but not unfamiliar enough Harry wouldn't jump in.

There's one more important thing you and I have to consider.
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Alibis. [It's another area of expertise, another place he's good at residing. Thalia's always been a hero and a demigod through and through from the time Luke had met her until her death and even now as a Hunter. She had a hero's heart and Luke knows that. Luke, on the other hand, has a heart that may be starting to rot a little, motivations and morals be damned.]

We can't have you blowing this because you have some weird heroes guilt complex hanging around. Do I have to be concerned about that with you? [Because if so...maybe he could kill himself for those kids. But he sort of misses teamwork like this. He's been receiving that in their trials, but there's something different between Strangers and Thalia.]
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[There's another stretch of silence, especially when Thalia brings up Luke's betrayal. Like. Of course this is his own doing. Of course this is something he's done on his own, something he thinks is right, something he doesn't think he has to explain to Thalia when the girl didn't want to hear it.

On the other hand, he finds it almost insulting anyway.]

Even if I hadn't, do you really think I'd ever let anything happen to her? [The tone's sharp and he's already prepping for a fight. Niceties don't last long these days, especially with so many broke pieces. He could leave it alone but no, now he's really wondering.]
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[It's a little like a housecat, patiently waiting and knowing he's being a little shit and that he's probably done something wrong like knocking a vase off of a mantle and also knowing he can't fully be blamed. That's pretty much the look he's giving her.]

Believe it or not, I still care about her just as much as you do. [But he also has other priorities. That's where things get a little sticky.] Actually, forget it, I don't need you to believe me when I'm proving it by helping you plan a murder. So. Alibi. Let's hear your ideas since I just planned out the kill.
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[She's not wrong, he won't get rid of her. It's Thalia and she's pretty much allowed to do as she pleases since after being removed from Kronos and his goals for so long, he's starting to remember what's important. He's remembering that she can get away with just about anything with him.]

Definitely don't share an alibi, but a piece of the alibi can match up so we can also confirm it. The key to creating a good alibi is focusing on habits we've developed. You're on the right track with thinking like that. Nobody's gonna question if you and Katniss are hunting in the woods. And do me a favor and don't break bones.

[He leans back, staring at the ceiling blankly.] Friends, or alliances? Those are two different things.
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It's not being a wimp, it's keeping you clean. You're the only one in the complex who wants to break my bones. You know somebody would twist it to be that you broke my leg because I saw you kill somebody. [He's also on the borderline of teasing but he's cautious. He's cautiously hopeful that they can make things work to their benefit.]

...since you started becoming friends with Katniss, I took on Finnick. Not a bad guy, really clever if you think about it. Uh, and that Lightwood kid. Alex? No, wait, Alec. Him.

[ should say a lot about Luke's priorities that he hasn't really bothered to get to know that many people aside from what he's familiar with.] I'm working on it. I have alliances more than I have friends here.
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[personal profile] chiseler 2016-11-03 08:48 pm (UTC)(link) [Yes. And the fact that he's not looking at her entirely is enough to say that that is precisely the reason. They're both flopped on opposite ends of his bed and this conversation's weird because it backs Luke right into a corner.] It kind of happened and I thought it made the most sense to keep an eye on him to learn about her in case she decided to turn on you.

[So. In some fucked up way he was kind of looking out for Thalia. It makes sense to him.]
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[There's a short pause because yeah, this made things awkward din't it? He's staring at the ceiling even if she's sort of turned to face him. It's hard to stop himself from making a face because yeah, what's with all the kids? Annabeth could run circles around her captors and probably kill everybody who stood in her way, but it didn't make it less worrisome.]

His hostage is his wife. The thing about this is that a lot of us have hostages we'd kill for. Dunno about Katniss, but I know this isn't the first time Annie's been taken away from Finnick. This is where we have to be careful. We're either going to have to cover our tracks, or fight our competition.

[Thanks for asking an incredibly complicated question, Thalia. His eyes widen a bit and he holds his breath as he debates how to respond.]

…no. Up until real recently I was inside Camp most of the time. [Should he bother telling her he tried to kill Percy?] This is gonna be new for both of us. But I can tell you something. Murders will only be murders with intent behind it. No half-assing. We have to stick around and make sure to get the job done, not just leave them and hope for the best.
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[It's still weird to think that Thalia knows more about his life than he does and it's weird that she's…not a tree? The timelines being fucked up isn't helping any of this so he can't even give her a proper answer.

Instead, she snarks back at him and it's almost familiar and if he weren't actually worried about Annabeth he'd probably laugh. He almost seems to ignore her question but then he focuses again. Right. There was a question, not just "shut up Luke I know what I'm doing."]
Don't worry, you're not associated with the enemy or whatever. I just told people that you and I are from the same world and we used to know each other. That's pretty much the truth, isn't it? [There really isn't a right answer here, is there?] That would have come out eventually. I'd rather it be from me than something else.
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the true reason they're friends tbh

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They wouldn't have a clue. I try to keep as many lines clear as possible in this place because I don't trust any of 'em. Even more reason our alibis should be clear and distinct and that this murder won't lead back to either of us.

And anyway I don't think anybody would suspect you of asking for help in the first place, so there's that.
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[There's a derisive snort that he tries to cover because yeah, sure, okay. One woman army Thalia Grace sure is a team player. They used to work really well together, he knows that, but he wouldn't call that being part of a team. Even the Hunters work in smaller packs as far as he remembers.]

I'll make it work. Don't worry about me. [He lifts an eyebrow.] You really just want to break something on me, don't ya? I still think that might be a little too suspicious.