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the dave of guy (just some dude) ([personal profile] parodeity) wrote in [community profile] lucybox2017-06-12 04:14 am

a special post just for megs

brains are kinda pompous fucks arent they
all like
the brain is the most important organ yo
-a quote by brains literally
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Dave, it's two in the morning.

Brains are merely conduits for our own thoughts.
They are organs.
Made up of tissue and whatnot.
They aren't the actual things saying things. People are.
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Perhaps I was about to sleep.

I suppose it depends on whether you consider the mind a separate entity from the brain.
The brain being a muscle that is controlled by the mind.
But one could make the argument that it is the brain's job to create the mind, and run it as one would a machine.
That we are all merely the neural pathways within the brain's confines, and nothing more.
But then one must argue on what impact the soul itself has within the brain or mind's domain.

What brought on this deep train of thought?
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You know I cannot ignore a text from my beloved brother.
For some ungodly reason.
Clearly I have been waiting with bated breath for the whole night.
Just laying here watching cats fail to jump across ledges for two hours.
Waiting for you to text me about brains.

That depends on whether the mind exists as part of the soul or as solely attached to the organ in our skulls.
That is accurate, the brain decides whether the body continues to live.
But are we merely our bodies? Or is the conscious mind what truly defines us?
Also, I do not think that is how the brain "speaks" to the other organs.
But I could be wrong.

You're right.
This is completely normal 2am thoughts for you.
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A weakness of mine, for certain.
Yes. Tragically.
I went in search of a video on whether karma is a real force or a psychological device for morality and found myself here instead.
Do not speak such blasphemy about the Earth's finest creature.
But also, yes.
They are reckless monsters with debatable balance skills.

I imagine our brains are, technically, quite similar.
In terms of their physicality, if not in mind.
The neurons are a physical part of the body, so technically no.
Unless it turns out that we continue to inhabit our bodies after death, forever trapped in a paralyzed corpse.
Do you think that ghosts are merely afterimages that death leaves behind? An imprint of memories with no consciousness attached?

Okay, rude.
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It's a common pasttime.
Dave, you're basically a trained ninja.
Obviously, you could beat a cat in a balance off.
Though I suppose we can test the theory?

is very true.
Though you must admit that the dead can be interesting in their own way.
When not discussing their lengthy, sordid pasts.

Okay, sure, Dave.
Tell me your dreams.
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Never. Do I look like our mother?
I will pick the most graceful of cats to compete against you.
We can make a tournament of it.

Fair point.

So, essentially, a puppet dream.
Who handled your strings?
I imagine such a dream would imply that you are concerned with what control you have over your own life, and how much control is in the hands of others.